TimeDesign, the recommended timetabling program for the Free State Department of Education.

Still in use by SA-SAMS School Administration  in over 10 000 schools since 2005.

TimeDesign Help Documentation


The topics in this section provide some basic information about TimeDesign 5.0 and can be followed for 6.0, what it is for and what you can do with it.


How to get started


What's New

Check out the History of TimeDesign for details on the new features introduced since Version 5


More Detailed Help

See Getting help for details on using this help and getting more information about TimeDesign.


Familiarise Yourself

Study the Introduction and The User Interface sections for an introduction to the program.


Quick Start Tutorials

Then work through the Quick Start Tutorials to familiarize yourself with using TimeDesign.

Learning more


Basic Working Procedures

See the Basic Working Procedures section for detailed instructions on using TimeDesign.


More Advanced Procedures

See More Advanced Procedures for, you guessed it, instructions on more advanced procedures!